Locally and Internationally

Ecce Terra is one of Canada’s largest land surveyor firms. It is proud to serve its local clients, and can do so thanks to its eleven business locations throughout Quebec. Its team of one hundred professionals and technicians also work together on large-scale projects elsewhere in the world.

Ecce Terra is a major player in the cadastral renovation field in Quebec and is recognized as a leader in the fields of land rights, measurement, location and geomatics. With its vast field of expertise, advanced technology and ISO certification, it constantly strives to foster collaboration and strong relationships.

General Services

Land Surveying for all Needs

Whether you’re a decision-maker, manager or individual, Ecce Terra will be able to provide you with the most sought-after land-surveying services:

Specific Services

Land surveying and geomatics for various sectors

The various services listed and categorized below may also come in handy for other industries. Our land surveyors will be able to help you choose the most appropriate service for your needs and project.