Ecce Terra


The name Ecce Terra comes from Latin and means “Behold the Earth”. As specialists who measure the Earth, locate properties on it, develop its land and manage its resources, we honour this expression.

ISO certified, Ecce Terra was born after two land-surveying firms in Beauce merged together in  1952 and 1976. Today, Ecce Terra has nine branches in Quebec, over twenty land surveyors and seventy to one hundred employees, depending on the season.

We therefore serve local Quebec customers and also wish to contribute to land management and the securing of land ownership rights in other countries. With 30 years of experience as a key player in the Quebec Cadastre Reform Program, we have become strategic allies for similar projects that are being developed elsewhere in the world.

Recognized as one of Canada’s leading land surveyors, Ecce Terra aims to promote Canadian know-how in its field of expertise. It strives to improve the world and its environment in a sustainable and equitable way.

our Mission

Ecce Terra offers a wide range of land-surveying and geomatics services to individuals and contractors, and designs geolocalization applications and innovative referencing tools for municipalities, cities and other institutions in Quebec and elsewhere.

our Vision

Ecce Terra strives to remain a specialist in its field of expertise and be recognized as a Canadian leader both within and outside of Canada.

our values

Ecce Terra achieves its development objectives by promoting and adhering to strong values that guide its daily activities.

  • Customers: they inspire us and influence our day-to-day activities
  • Professionalism: allows us to carry out our mandates to the highest standards
  • Open-mindedness: leads us to exceed in our field of expertise
  • Teamwork: encourages us to cooperate with and respect one another, and value everyone’s contribution
  • Integrity: defines our commitment to transparency and honesty
  • Pride: reflects our company’s commitment to distinguishing itself in its field


Ecce Terra keeps the land-surveying documents produced by the following land surveyors on record. Our decades of experience and preserved collection of historic land-surveying documents have helped us develop extensive knowledge in our field.

  • Richard Poulin
  • Robert Binet
  • Michel Bolduc
  • Michel Couture
  • Jules Deblois
  • Rosaire Désilets
  • Joseph-Achille Fortin
  • Georges Garneau
  • Gérard Guay
  • Michel Guay
  • Gérard Jacques
  • Wilfrid Jacques
  • Jacques Lebrun
  • Félix Legendre
  • F.O.A. Legendre
  • Gérald Marois
  • Denis Ouellet
  • R.-Léopold Plante
  • Henri Perreault
  • Georges-Robert Pozer
  • Jean-Pierre Proulx
  • Pierre-Achilde Proulx
  • Andrew Ross
  • Robert J. Ross
  • Yves Thibodeau

Today, Ecce Terra is made up of five companies who merged and evolved together. If you have any land-surveying documents that refer to any of these companies, please contact us. Ecce Terra continues to work on the mandates they used to carry out.

  • Robert Binet
  • Bolduc, Poulin et associés
  • Bolduc, Jacques, Thibodeau, Royer & Mathieu s.e.n.c.
  • Beaulieu, Rioux, Poulin, Bisson s.e.n.c.
  • Ouellet, Couture, arpenteurs-géomètres
  • Fournier, Bujold, arpenteurs-géomètres
  • Perreault & Marois, arpenteurs-géomètres