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The drone takes aerial photographs that reveal accurate and useful data (volumetric, topographic plan, etc.). Using a drone for collecting data is a time-saving and economical operation.


3D scanner

Ecce Terra is also equipped with a 3D scanner that allows us to get a three-dimensional structure design. The realisations that this technology offers make it a tool of choice for our land surveying team.



Photogrammetry is the process used to take measurements from aerial photographies, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. In land surveying it may be used to obtain precise superficial measurements, dimensions as well as positions in the environment.


Residential, agricultural and forestry

Our Ecce Terra experts accompany you in the realisation of your residential, agricultural and forestry projects. Our team is there for each specific step related to the construction, sale or acquisition of a land or property: staking of lots, cadastral surveying, certificate of localization, etc.

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Commercial and industrial

Ecce Terra has developed an exceptional expertise in the land surveying field for the commercial as well as the industrial sectors. Our professionals work along with you in realizing highly important mandates, like for example: measuring leasable spaces, layout, survey of structures, etc.

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Our land surveyors at Ecce Terra collaborate with municipalities, MRC and various ministries for all their surveying needs. We own all the necessary technological equipment in order to conduct your projects, from the technical description to the cadastral reform, through the production of the cadastres and survey of infrastructures.

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Promoter and contractor

Our land surveying services are available for real estate developers and contractors in a diverse variety of projects. The land surveyor’s work also allows the elaboration of subdivision plans that must be determined before starting a residential development project.

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Who we are


Ecce Terra is one of the most prominent land surveying firm in Quebec. Our land surveyors’ team uses state-of-the-art technology to realize your projects and giving the earth human dimensions.

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