A high-precision instrument

  • Compared to a conventional total station, only one person is required to operate the lens and control the instrument.
  • With this instrument, a land surveyor can measure angles and distances in order to produce precise layouts.

The Robotic Total Station

In the land surveying field, the Robotic Total Station is a valuable assets that allows professionals to work independently on the ground.

Advantages of the Robotic Total Station

Using this technology represents a considerable economy since the land surveyor can operate it alone.

Where the GPS cannot capture signals, the Robotic Total Station greatly facilitate the work of land surveyors who may need to use this instrument in conducting your survey projects.

Examples of the Robotic Total Station use in land surveying

Construction surveying
The Robotic Total Station is of great use for mandates in the construction sector such as layouts and structure surveys.

Land surveying
The Robotic Total Station is highly valuable for a wide variety of surveying mandates: production of location certificates, installation of a BM (levelling point), staking, boundary determination, layout of bench-marks, etc.