A proven technology

  • A specific camera must be used for taking photographs.
  • Land surveyors an Ecce Terra use DAT/EM Summit Evolution software and a True3di screen to conduct their survey.
  • Because images are taken from two different places, land surveyors can recreate stereoscopic images.
  • With photogrammetry, long distances can be measured in a short period of time.


Photogrammetry is the technique of making measurements from aerial photographs from two different places. This process may be used to obtain precise superficial measurements, dimensions as well as positions in the environment. Here is an interesting solution in particular for its speed of execution. Photogrammetry allows you to save time and money while conducting your land surveying works.

Advantages of photogrammetry in data gathering

As it is the case for many technologies, photogrammetry also reduces the field time for technicians to collect data. By saving time, you save money and are given the certainty that the gathered information is accurate.

Data archiving
Photogrametry is a technique which spans time. Old aerial photographs may be used as reference many years later.

Examples of surveys using photogrametry

Mapping (eg : flood plains)
With the precise data collected through photogrammetry, land surveyors can recreate maps identifying flooding areas on the site for municipalities or MRC, for instance.

Evidence in an expert report
You want to prove that a fence has been an existing structure for over 30 years? You need evidence that a road was moved 40 years ago? Through photogrammetry, it is possible by referring to old time photographs. Such archival records are useful and solid proofs in an expert report.