A precision instrument

  • The 3D scanner can collect up to 976 000 points per second.
  • Light and small, the 3D scanner used by our team at Ecce Terra can easily be carried onto any project.
  • It allows taking measurements in places difficult to access.
  • This technique is also called 3D laser scanning or ground-based lidar.

The 3D scanner

By using the 3D scanner, land surveyors at Ecce Terra can recreate 3D-models of existing structures. Our scanner is a cutting-edge technological tool that allows us to rapidly collect reliable and accurate measurements. With our expertise, you will get high-standard results.

Advantages of the 3D scanner in land surveys

Optimal efficiency
The 3D scanner collects data at high speed and allows land surveyors to get precise information that would be otherwise inaccessible. Its speed and accuracy make it a precious technological tool for land surveying professionals who can gather an impressive quantity of data at a much lower cost.

Perfect for heights
From aerial mapping to mobile 3D laser scanning, various solutions mean flexibility for surveyors, who so often have to work around obstacles to measure properties.

Examples of the 3D scanner uses in data collecting

Verification on site
In order to get a proof that your structures are at the right place, there is nothing more precise and complete than a 3D scanning.

Architects and engineers
For architects and engineers it is essential to visualise existing structures before a construction project. The 3D scanner is the solution because it provides all the needed information. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, it is adapted to any kind of project.