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Ecce Terra’s land surveyors are professionals committed to the success of your projects. They put their land surveying expertise to serve you using cutting-edge technology into the realization of your mandates.

Land use planning

Land use planning is a vast domain where a land surveyor has a prominent role.

In fact, he owns the expertise required to perform surveys, cadastral researches, analysis of deeds as well as the ability to produce maps and plans that will efficiently show all of the elements in a land use and development plan: urbanization perimeter, agricultural land, flood zones, land use, local and regional transportation structures, etc.

As far as land use planning and local, regional or national development go, a land surveyor is a leading advisor and administrator.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/

Cadastral surveying

The cadastre shows a property on a plan and identifies it by a lot number. This plan indicates the dimensions, area, shape and position of this property in relation to other lots in the vicinity.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/

Certificates of localization

The certificates of localization is a document that includes a report and a plan, through which the land surveyor expresses his professional opinion on the actual situation and state of an immovable property. It provides a status report in regards to the ownership, cadastre and laws governing this property.

A certificates of localization is usually required for real estate transactions, and may be requested by a creditor, notary, lawyer, real estate broker, licensed appraiser or municipality.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/

Technical description

A technical description is used to describe the boundaries of a parcel of land subject to specific rights. This includes but is not limited to, border, administrative boundaries, servitudes, agricultural zoning, prior agreements to a real estate transaction, etc. This description is accompanied by a plan showing all boundaries involved and surrounding immovable property.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/


Hydrography is the science that measures and describes the physical features of bodies of water and the land areas adjacent to those bodies of water and makes a cartographic representation of them.

A land surveyor can make bathymetric observations on water bodies for land delimitations or his data may be used to plan structure construction such as bridges and dams.

His expertise is also essential for any matter concerning protective strips and flood zone.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/


Layout is the exact location of a future construction on a property. After the issuance of a permit , the land surveyor produces a “layout certificate” which is a written evidence of the execution of the work carried out.

Before delivering a construction permit, most municipalities demand the issuance of a layout project plan. The land surveyor prepares a layout project plan, which defines the future position of the new structure in relation to the property boundaries.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/

Staking and boundary determination

Staking refers to all survey operations performed by a land surveyor using bench-marks to indicate the boundaries of a property. The surveyor’s opinion is only valid for the mandatory.

Contrary to staking, which is a unilateral operation, boundary determination requires the involvement of immediate neighbours. It is often used in a situation of conflicting land ownership. Boundary determination can be done as an out-of-court settlement when owners agree on a common position of the boundary. If the parties involved cannot reach an agreement, it becomes a judicial matter.

Source: http://www.oagq.qc.ca/

Cadastral reform

Our team at Ecce Terra has also developed a particular field of expertise in the cadastral reform domain. Such an operation became necessary after the ministry of the Energy and Natural resources (MERN) decided to complete the Quebec registry and to correct inaccuracies. Ecce Terra is proud to say that it is one or the rare firms to have carried out such a mandate from A to Z.

Up to this date; Ecce Terra has completed over sixty cadastral reform mandates.